Richtlinien für die OPAC-Anzeige

Richtlinien für die OPAC-Anzeige




von: Task Force on Guidelines for OPAC Displays (Arbeitsgruppe Richtlinien für OPAC-Anzeigen)

De Gruyter Saur, 2010

ISBN: 9783110232493

Sprache: Deutsch

68 Seiten, Download: 1268 KB

Format:  PDF, auch als Online-Lesen

geeignet für: Apple iPad, Android Tablet PC's Online-Lesen PC, MAC, Laptop


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Richtlinien für die OPAC-Anzeige

The purpose of the Guidelines for OPAC Displays is to assist libraries and similar institutions in designing the displays of their OPACs, taking into consideration the needs of users. This German translation of the guidelines is directed at librarians charged with customizing OPAC software and at producers and vendors of this software. The guidelines are intended to apply to any type of catalogue, independently of the kind of interface and technology used.

Zusammengestellt von der Task Force on Guidelines for OPAC Displays und genehmigt vom Standing Committee of the IFLA Section on Cataloguing